What Type of BLIP are you?

A blip can be a spot on a radar screen or something relatively small or inconsequential within a larger context. Businesses today are blips of one type or another. They can be found by a customer on his or her radar screen, which is the internet, or they are lost in the larger context of the bombardment of images and words that hit people everyday. What used to work in the old marketing world is gone. Customers don’t want the screaming ads that annoy them, trap them, interrupt their leisure activity, or try to trick them. Businesses stuck on the old marketing tools will be a blip, but not the blip they hoped to be.

1. Today everyone has a radar screen. It is their computer connected to the internet. When a customer wants to do research they do it whenever they want, in front of their computer, IPad, phone or laptop, wherever they want. They do not have to wait until tomorrow to go ask a friend what they think of this or that brand. They go online, research the product or ask their social network and know it instantly.
2. Power to the people, as the old song goes, has become a reality. Anyone can find the information they are looking for. Companies that succeed in this market don’t shout and scream for attention, but give their customers the information they want. Information is power. People are loyal to companies that empower them.
3. Companies need to get out their radar screens and find out where their customers are doing their research. Gone are the days when you just put an ad in the paper, or purchased a bigger Yellow Page ad, or if you were really slick paid somebody to make you the coolest ego flattering web page in town and your customers found you. All companies have to know where their customers are and then give the customers what they want, when they want.

BlipBlog is here because the radar screen has also changed the world of marketing and put power in the hands of every business person, whether you are a CEO of a large company, or small business person trying to find your customers in a local area. BlipBlog is here to help you understand that the cutting edge of marketing is not found in the expensive offices of most marketing companies. Most of these companies were educated before the internet gave power to the people and they probably did not learn about the social networks in their graduate schools. The last thing most marketing companies want is for businesses to realize that the power has shifted into the hands of every business. After all who knows your customers better than you? So put up your radar screen and be a blipping good company.


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