Walk A Mile In Your Own Shoes First

Businesses spend a fortune in time and money trying to understand their customers.  That is not the place to start thinking about your companies marketing.  Each person in your business, whether you have 10,000 employees or 1,  is  a customer for somebody.

Ask yourself some questions about how you make purchases and you will start to better understand that you aren’t wearing a stiletto while your customers are barefoot.  We are all walking along the same path in our ways of purchasing and it isn’t the same way that Dorothy walked in the Wizard of Oz.  And we don’t make our purchasing decisions by magically clicking our heels.

David Meerman Scott suggests the following five questions.

  1. In the last one to two months, either privately or professionally, have you answered a direct mail advertisement? (Average is  3 -4%)
  2. In the last one to two months, have you gone to mainstream media to research a product or service you wanted to buy? (Average is  22%)
  3. In the last one to two months, have you gone to the yellow pages? People laugh (Average is  less than 3)
  4. In the last one to two months, have you used Google or another search engine? (Average is  99-100%)
  5. In the last one to two months, have you tapped your online network about something you wanted to buy? (Average is  85%)

Marketing today is not wearing, or driving,  a pair of stilettos and getting noticed.  It is talking to your customers when they are ready to ask questions.   People don’t care if you are their local business or a larger company.   They respond to companies that make an effort to treat them the exact same way that they want to be treated.  So don’t run over your customers with your new stiletto motorcycle, or shout at them in the yellow pages, or force them to watch a flash video before they can find something on your website, or put more stuff in their mailbox and expect them to buy your product.  Communicate.  You will find your customers on the internet, on facebook, twitter etc.,  making purchases just like you do.

Check out the resources at the right under BLOGROLL to help you meet your customers on their turf.


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