Don’t Try This At Home

This Blog Comes With A Warning! Do not try this with anyone who is always right!  It will only cause a fight, and it is Friday.  It is time to relax – to chill out and find your favorite local restaurant – not force someone to see your point of view.  Unless you have been properly trained in the use of force.

If you are open-minded then you may enjoy this illusion.  Do you see spirals in this picture?  If I have lost you already and you don’t see the spirals, don’t read any further.  It will only get more confusing.  If you are mad at me for tricking you I refer you to where I got this illusion.

One spiral of green, another is pinkish-orange, and blue.  Unbelievably the green and the blue spirals are the same color.

These are the two colors pulled out by Photoshop.   Unless I am missing something they now look exactly the same.   They look mostly green with a little dash of blue.  I am sure that if you wanted to paint the walls of your office this color your local paint shop would mix a little blue in a mix of green.  But, what do I know I have been known to wear two different colors of socks at the same time.

What makes them seem different is their surrounding colors.  In this illusion the stripes are not continuous as they first seem.  The orange stripes don’t intersect the spiral that appears blue and the magenta ones don’t go through the spirals that appear green.    By changing the context of the colors it changes their appearance.  

When we zoom in on the colors we begin to see how this illusion tricks the brain.  The overall pattern is a spiral shape because our brain fills in the missing bits of the pattern.  But our brains have to make assumptions about what is going on and these assumptions are not always correct.

Because we have to take the time and look more closely at this illusion it gives us an insight into how our brains work.  Again, if you are trying to convince someone who is always right that their brain works the same as all of ours you are going down a hopeless path.  But, it sure does tell you about the assumptions their brain is making.

Our brains have to untangle the mess of information that floods it  each day.  It has to align this information into some sort of patterns and assumptions in order for us to navigate through this world.  Our brains do not take pictures of absolute truth.  It is not always seeing the world as it really is.   Our brains have filters.

So today if someone tells you that they saw a UFO, or Jesus in their bagel, or a ghost show them this picture.   Then go find your local dentist and have him/her fix your teeth that just got knocked out.  If the argument continues and they insist that they are always right with what they see take a joint trip to your local optometrist and get your eyes checked.  If that still doesn’t work go get some counseling and move on with your life.

But if they tell you that they were with  Captain Gus and caught the biggest fish in Lake Norman history, they might be right.  We all know that fisherman’s eyes are perfect.  They never overestimate their catch.

Don’ tell your fishing friends but both of those lines are the same length.  Don’t believe me?  Click here to find out.


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